Miss Grand International 2021 Top 15 Final Hot Picks

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Miss Grand Brazil 2021 Lorena Goncalves Rodrigues
Miss Grand Brazil 2021 Lorena Goncalves Rodrigues

Lorena Gonçalves Rodrigues was chosen to represent Brazil in the 2021 edition of the Miss Grand International and was crowned in Ouro Preto by the outgoing queen, Lala Guedes Miss Grand Brazil 2020, who also ended up at the fifth place in the Miss Grand International 2020.

Lorena is 26 years old and has a degree in Journalism from the Juiz de Fora Higher Education Center and in Design Arts from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora. Not new to the world of pageantry, she was placed among the Top 11 in the National Beauty Contest 2017 and secured the third place at Miss Grand Brazil 2019. She was also ranked third at Miss Global Beauty 2017, in South Korea, and vice Miss Friendship, in China, in 2019.

Lorena is a woman with a strong personality, has excellent speaking skills, walks the runway beautifully, is fluent in English and has a lot of will power. She is definitely one of the strongest choices to fill in the shoes of her amazing forerunners to represent Brazil at one of the most valued stages in the pageant industry.

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