Miss World Titleholders from 2011 to 2020

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Miss World winners from 2011 to 2020
Miss World winners from 2011 to 2020

Miss World is the oldest beauty pageants amongst the big four international beauty pageants and ever since its commencement in the year 1951, Miss World organization has crowned 68 beauties till the year 2018. The Miss World pageant originally started as the Festival Bikini Contest by Eric Morley in 1951, but the British media decided to call it with a more modest name - Miss World, which was subsequently trademarked by Eric and the pageant started to be known and organized as Miss World. After the unfortunate demise of Eric, his wife Julia Morley has been presiding over the pageant since 2000.

In the decade commencing from 2011, eight different countries won the eight respective Miss World titles from 2011-2018. Three titles were won by Asian beauties - Yu Wenzia of China (Miss World 2012), Megan Young of Philippines (Miss World 2013) and Manushi Chhillar of India (Miss World 2017) and same number of titles were won by Latina beauties - Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela (Miss World 2011), Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico (Miss World 2016) and Vanessa Ponce of Mexico (Miss World 2018). Spanish beauty Mireia Lalaguna won the Miss World title in 2015, while South African beauty Rolene Strauss was crowned Miss World 2014.

This was quite a record-setting decade at Miss World as the Philippines, Mexico and Spain, won their first-ever Miss World title. Besides, India lifted the trophy after a gap of 17 years, South Africa won the title after a gap of 40 years and Puerto Rico won it after a gap of 41 years. The first time wins and wins after a long wait definitely got the fans excited in these countries.

Let’s have a look at all the beauties who have been crowned Miss World since 2011.

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