Team Africa for Miss Universe 2020

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Vandana Jeetah Miss Universe Mauritius 2020
Vandana Jeetah Miss Universe Mauritius 2020

Vandana Jeetah was appointed as Miss Universe Mauritius 2020 on 17th September 2020 to represent her country at Miss Universe 2020. She succeeds Miss Universe Mauritius 2019 Ornella Lafleche for the title.

Hailing from Center-de-Flacq, Vandana is 28-years-old and recently earned her Master’s Degree in Law and is currently working as an in-house lawyer. She is actively involved in the community with the Lions Club. Vandana is also a founder member and the Past President of the Leo Club of Flacq.

Vandana’s focus revolves around the environment with projects such as coral farming which is crucial for the restoration of the Mauritian coral reefs. She likes to travel and believes that traveling opens a lot of new adventures and experiences for an individual. She is strong, confident, and focused towards her goal which is to bring glory to the home country.

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