Top 10 contestants to watch out for in Miss Universe Denmark 2019

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Laila Hasanovic Miss Universe Denmark 2019 Finalist
Laila Hasanovic Miss Universe Denmark 2019 Finalist

Laila Hasanovic was born and raised in Svendborg. Her exotic name is due to her parents from Bosnia. With Bosnian roots, she has grown up with two cultures and therefore has a good ability to understand the different cultural backgrounds and needs. She is an 18-year-old student at Svendborg Gymnasium School with English and Social Studies as major subjects, and stands tall at an impressive height of 172 cm.

Laila enjoys traveling as she is excited to feel and understand different cultures, and meet new people who inspire her. She is also an ambassador for CO2 Living, where she encourage her followers on social media to plant trees to neutralize their carbon emissions. Laila has been an influencer since she was very young. In the future, Laila would like to be a journalist because she loves being in front of a camera. She thinks it’s a great opportunity to be inspiration to others, and she hopes that by becoming a journalist she can reach even more young people.

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