Top 10 contestants to watch out for in Miss Universe Denmark 2019

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Monika Midjord Nolsoe Miss Universe Denmark 2019 Finalist
Monika Midjord Nolsoe Miss Universe Denmark 2019 Finalist

Monika Midjord Nolsøe is a 20-year-old business college student and stands tall at an astonishing height of 178 cm. She is a big family person and loves spending time with her loved ones. She likes music and dancing, and is a fond animal lover. Being from the Faroe Islands, Monika has always stood very close with nature and has been raised to respect nature and everything that it gives us. She is very proud to be Faroese and to be raised in such a culture rich country. When Monika was a little girl she used to borrow her mother’s high heeled shoes, because she liked to pretend she was a runway model. Monika loves to travel and visit new places, with her favourite destination being Prague. Monika is looking forward to partnering with LEV to bring Best Buddies to the Faroe Islands and to expand it in Denmark, so people with a handicap can get friends other than family members and caregivers.


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