Beatrice Fontoura crowned as Miss Mundo Brasil 2016

26 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

The glorious gala of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 culminated with the crowning of Beatrice Fontoura as the winner of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016. Fontura was crowned by the outgoing queen Catharina Choi Nunes, and will now represent Brazil at the Miss World 2016 pageant set to be held in Washington D.C later this year.

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Beatrice Fontoura crowned as Miss Mundo Brasil 2016


The 26 years old stunning Beatrice Fontoura defeated 41 other Brazilian beauties to clinch the crown. At the same event, Isabele Pandini hailing from São Paulo was adjudged the First Runner-up, Renata Sena hailing from Mato Grosso do sul was adjudged the Second Runner-up, Stephany Pim from Espírito Santo was the Third Runner-up and Samen Dos Santos hailing from Pampa Gaucho was declared the Fourth Runner-up.


Beatrice Fontoura crowned as Miss Mundo Brasil 2016


This year the pageant saw the finalists of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 take part in various Beauty with a Purpose programs. Several states and regions also had their local candidates taking part in the project. Brazil has always ensured to take its Beauty with a Purpose projects very seriously.

At the starting of the event, Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 organizers picked out the top 5 "Beauty with a Purpose" finalists who were: Francielly Ouriques, Gabriela Oliveira Fruhauf, Mariana Vieira, Muriel Prestes, and Kelly Sendy Andrade Mattos.


Beatrice Fontoura crowned as Miss Mundo Brasil 2016


After announcing the Top 5 finalists of "Beauty with a Purpose" project, Mariana Vieira from Minas Gerais was awarded with the "Beauty with a Purpose" title. The 41 gorgeous contestants of Miss World Brazil 2016 supported various social and environmental projects in their region. One of the finalists of Miss World Brazil 2016, Miss Bahia developed a project on shelter for children.

The mesmerizing gala held on June 25’ 2016 in the city of Florianópolis in Jurerê Internacional, one of the most famous beaches in Brazil, kick started with introduction of the 41 beautiful aspirants. Later on the host of the Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 announced the Top 16 finalists of the contest. 

The top 16 finalists were -

Minas gerais (Mariana Vieira)

Mato grosso do sul (Renata Sena)

Encantos do sul (Francielly Ouriques)

Goiás (Beatrice Fontoura)

Pernambuco (Leidyane Vasconcelos)

Pampa gaucho (Samen Dos Santos)

Ilha da Pintada (Jheniffer Ev)

Ilha dos lobos (Gabriela Oliveira Fruhauf)

Ilhas de búzios (Vitoria Felix)

Rio grande do sul (Caroline Venturini)

Ceará (Raira Cendi)

Espírito santo (Stephany Pim)

São Paulo (Isabele Pandini)

Paraná (Taynara Gargantini)

Missões (Muriel Prestes) and

Pantanal (Kelly Sendy Andrade Mattos)


Beatrice Fontoura crowned as Miss Mundo Brasil 2016


Subsequently, the eminent panel of juries announced the Top 7 finalists for the night who were; Caroline Venturini(Rio grande do sul), Francielly Ouriques(Encantos do sul), Isabele Pandini(São Paulo),Beatrice Fontoura (Goiás), Stephany Pim(Espírito Santo), Renata Sena(Mato Grosso do Sul), Samen Dos Santos(Pampa gaucho).


Beatrice Fontoura crowned as Miss Mundo Brasil 2016


Miss Mato Grosso do Sul, Renata Sena was the winner of the Miss Telento 2016, second place went to Miss Pampa Gaúcho, Samen dos Santos, and third title was went to Miss Espirito Santo, Stephany Pim.

Beatrice Fontoura now succeeds Catharina Choi Nunes and will compete at the grand slam pageant of Miss World 2016. What is your take on the new winner? Will she be able to outperform her forerunner? Is she a winning pick for Brazil at Miss World 2016? Share your views in the comment section below.