Philippines overflowing with beauty pageants but lacking in beauty queens?

09 Jul 2018 | Irina Silva

Philippines is the country that has established itself as one of the major pageant enthusiastic nation and has come to be known as the powerhouse of pageant world, over time. Philippines, compared to most other countries, takes pageants very seriously and its consistent placements in international pageants is an evidence of the same. But, does the glamourized pageant legacy justify the country’s obsession with the pageantry and display of beauty?

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This is the era of digital advancement, with critical judgement seen like never before, everything from a pin to an airplane is critiqued under the same umbrella. It is today, that pageants are garnering  attention and response, from every nook and cranny of the world, more than ever before. So it is not surprising that its significance is a matter of debate and everything associated with it gets tainted with the same color of observation. And the Philippines is no exception to it, as it’s fixation on beauty contests has now become a question of concern.


Philippines overflowing with beauty pageants but lacking in beauty queens?


In the Philippines, beauty pageants are the institutions that are deeply embedded into the bones of Filippino culture and there is no stopping it as the industry is skyrocketing day by day. Every local town and city is now conducting its own beauty pageant, there are also pageants for senior citizens, LGBT communities and children.

That's how big a deal these contests are in the Philippine society and we have not yet mentioned the international pageants. Social media gets on an all time high when there’s a major international event to follow, since it gets flooded with suggestions on what the representatives should get going with first and how? The candidates are left to no mercy, they go through immense pressure, as there is increased responsibility and expectation on their shoulders to fulfill. They are often put under strict diets, training schedules, and press engagements.

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Philippines overflowing with beauty pageants but lacking in beauty queens?



All this for what? A country which has won titles like Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International and that too many a times is now living a false reality. The quality of the candidates has witnessed an all time downfall, with contestants not even being able to answer the simplest of questions. If only the Filippino would pay heed to the quality and not quantity, they would be able to bring back the glory that they are now losing, subjecting to the magnanimous culture of display.

Even though, there are the likes of Catriona Gray, Megan Young and Pia Wurtzbach who have proved the Philippine mettle at every step and stage, the real question is that what is the point of this mass contesting at every lane? Is it not feeding their obsession rather than fostering the real idea behind the pageants? When they are able to produce the best of queens, then why do they still insist on localizing it?

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Philippines overflowing with beauty pageants but lacking in beauty queens?

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In this rush to be the very best, they are losing to none but themselves. The meaning and purpose of the beauty pageants is dying away and all that is left behind is the money flow, the organizers and the advertisers.

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