Best dressed pageant winners of the week!

07 Apr 2018 | Irina Silva

Your favourite beauty queens work hard for their advocacies, but, they also work hard on their appearances in the public. They are almost always dressed to the nines, according to the occasion. So it’s only fair to celebrate their style as much as their work.

This week, we saw some striking colours, and a lot better casual styling by the queens. They were out and about, and gave ultimate spring fashion goals. So next time you feel overwhelmed by what to put oon for that brunch with your girlfriends, look no further, than our lovely beauty queens.

Thus, we have, in no particular order, listed below the five best dressed beauty queens from this week.

Miss Universe France 2018 Eva Colas


Best Dressed pageant winners of the week!

Photo Credit: Eva Colas Instagram

Eva Colas has definitely kept us engaged with her style. One cannot get enough of this beauty queen’s casual look, be it to the beach, or just out in the city. The green slightly loose turtle neck is definitely what is called the intentional mess, because it totally works. The choice of stockings and the sneakers seems unique, and they help each other. The stockings help the sneakers look dressed up, while the sneakers take the stocking to a cuter appearance.

The denim skirt was definitely the star of the show as it brings the whole look together.

Miss Jamaica Universe 2017 Davina Bennett


Best Dressed pageant winners of the week!

Photo Credit: Davina Bennet Instagram

Miss Jamaica Universe is definitely reading the right styling books because we are in love with how amazing the outfit looks. Not just the dress, but how the colours work with her skin tone is beautiful. Now that is a lady that knows how to make her skin pop. The yellow on the sandals just lifts the whole outfit a notch and one has to see the good vibes that this outfit is exhibiting.

Miss Universe Australia 2017 Olivia Molly Rogers



Best Dressed pageant winners of the week!

Photo Credit: Olivia Molly Rogers Instagram

Olivia Molly Rogers is one name you can depend on to give you a great style statement. There is almost never anything wrong with her looks, and her confidence in them, just helps add the charm. Olivia’s choice of a White beautiful lace might seem too dressy for this section, but, if you see how she pairs it with a classy hairdo but nude makeup, make the dress and the look more brunch appropriate.

Miss Georgia 2017 Nia Tsivtsivadze


Best Dressed pageant winners of the week!

Photo Credit: Nia Tsivtsivadze Instagram

Nia Tsivtsivadze is turning out to be a good place to look for a casual outfit inspiration. The beauty queen definitely knows how to get ready for the occasion. The bold choice of colour in her jacket, but the simmering down of the look with white top and sneakers, show her experience and finesse at the art of making anything look classy. We will definitely be following this lady for a few ideas.

Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo


Best Dressed pageant winners of the week!

Photo Credit: Olivia Culpo Instagram

Olivia is definitely one beauty queen that keeps us on our toes when it comes to her style. She brings out beautiful pieces, and never disappoints a bystander. This outfit is a cross between sexy, and chic, and we love how the beauty queen transitions between types of looks so easily.

Which was your favourite outfit of the week?