Miss Eco International 2017 contestants take physical challenge

04 Apr 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Eco International 2017 contest is moving towards the finale in full swing, and is scheduled to be held on 14th April 2017. Around 70 delegates are gearing up for the gala finale, and are preparing themselves for the mega coronation. With around a week left for the gala coronation, the organisation is holding different events every day.


Miss Eco International 2017 contestants take physical challenge


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Recently the contestant went through a challenge organised by the official sponsor GOLD'S GYM LAGOON. A series of physical challenges were organised that tested the stamina and strength of all the contestants. The delegates fought time to finish up 7 different stations - two rounds of dead lift tire plus 10 push-ups, tire squat jumps, 12 sledge hammer tire, 20kg sled pull, abs sit-ups, tire flip and wood flipping.

The challenge was no easy task as many contestants almost fainted. Miss New Zealand, Zoom Fitton found the task very difficult, and said, "It made me really push myself to achieve the best that I could physically perform. It was a great experience as I have never done cross-fit before. I am very proud of my performance today and cannot wait for the results. Overall, it was an intense, exhausting yet fun activity for the girls.” The winners of Miss Fitness sub-competition will be announced later tonight.

The pageant was founded with the aim of awakening, through the theme of Tourism & Environment. Miss ECO International is the only pageant supported by the United Nations. This prestigious global event is organised to bring together representatives of communities and cultures from all over the world. Delegates aim to share their eco, culture and international network.

The main objective of the contest is to choose the best woman to be the ECO queen for the marketing of eco-tourism worldwide and promote the principle of agreement that will keep our planet safe through the exchange of cultures between queens through the selection of the best special offers on how to boost and market tourism & environmental awareness at the international level.

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Miss Eco International 2017 pageant promises to be exciting with many more exciting events. This year, the Miss Eco International pageant will be hosting the talent show in Alexandria on the 4th of April, and the finale will be held in Sharm el Sheikh (Congress Center of Jolie Ville) on the 14th of April. Around 70 beautiful environmental diplomats from all five continents will be taken on a tour to unfold the mysteries of Egypt, a nation full of history, colours and culture. They will visit the pyramids, historic Alexandria, stunning Gouna Hurghada, beautiful Luxor and vibrant and exciting Cairo. During these two weeks, not only the candidates will get to see the wonders of Egypt, but they will also participate in a series of environment related activities, such as cleaning up campaigns, cycling and participating in lectures.