Look what these International beauty queens have to say on New Year’s Eve!

03 Jan 2018 | Srishti Jain

As the New Year 2018 knocked on our doors, there was ample zeal and enthusiasm seen in all the beauty queens who took to their social media tools to express their warm wishes and gratitude.

While some of them got nostalgic reminiscing about their year gone-by, others could not be more excited about the new beginnings in 2018. They shared some really sweet and heart-warming messages for all their loved ones and fans.

Here’s what these International Beauty Queens had to say on the eve of New Year’s Eve!




(1/1/18) Hello 2018, be nice to everyone okay??

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There are no amount of words that can truly express how unforgettable 2017 is for me. More than a dream, I pursued a path knowing my mission and purpose for what I am called for and that made my stood out among the rest. Grabbing the opportunity, I made most of what I was given that only comes once in a lifetime. With tears of joy I received the Miss Earth crown on my head along with honour and pride to the whole Philippines. I am looking forward to all 2018 has to offer and I will continue to maximize my platform to give a voice for all of us to have a common ground of understanding and knowledge and have a shared vision. Thank you @missearth for believing in me! I will surely continue the legacy of beauty and responsibility. Thank you for being a part of my 2017 and hello 2018!?? - Miss Earth 2017 I bow my life to the One who has set me on this mountain, I didn’t get to where I am now on my own. He is the God of the hills and I will never be alone. (From Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells) Repost from @twbaofficial #MissEarth #MissEarth2017 #ME #beautyqueen #advocate #photoftheday #bestoftheday #environment #beautiesforacause #ecowarrior #earthwarrior #teamphilippines #philippines #lookbook #fashion #style #look #ForThePhilippines #green #empoweringwomen

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The year 2017 is the most memorable year in my life. It is the year that my real dream has come true. Coming up to this point was a big step for me. I was both satisfied and honored in representing myself and my country in Miss Universe 2016 and Miss World Korea 2015; however, there was something in me that I could never give up, my dream. In 2017 I was given another great opportunity to once again represent Korea in Miss Supranational. Miss Supranational is the greatest gift of my life. The one that really showed me that one should never give up on their dreams. The paths to the destination may be rocky and tough; however, at the end of the day, you will eventually arrive at the point. I first want to thank my family. Dad, mom, and Hillary! Thank you so much for believing in me and always being the ‘brick wall’ on my back, encouraging, and motivating me when I was having tough times. Krystal, Anny, and Jayhyu the three best friends for LIFE! Thank you so much for making me laugh all the time and giving me all the positive energy. My Miss Universe sisters, who always supported me throughout my journey, thank you so much for sending me all the supporting messages, votes, and congratulation messages. I miss all of you so much. Next, my Supranational sisters! You girls gave me the best memories to keep in my life. I miss all and thank you so much. My Supranational Organization. It is a great honor to be part of the Supra family. And I can’t wait for the upcoming days in working with the best team. Gabriel my Supra partner! You deserve to be the king. You and I will make a great team and I can’t wait to work with you on the upcoming events. Last but not least my lovely fans! Thank you so much for supporting me to this date. You are my biggest energy and without all of you, I would not have come this far. I do read all the comments on Instagram and Facebook so don’t worry! I really want to thank each and every one of you for making the year 2017 the BEST year. I want to say Happy New Year and all the best for the upcoming year, 2018. May all your wishes come true and blessings to all your lovely family and friends. Thank you so much. Terima Kasih Banyak. ?????.

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My top nine reflects some of the best moments I had throughout the fabulous year I had. I will start with my favorite moment which was having the opportunity to hug and be blessed by Pope Francis, this day I will treasure forever. My second moment was when I had to kiss goodbye the crown I held as Miss Earth 2016. It was such a nostalgic and happy moment since I was letting go of one of my best chapters in life to start a new one. The 3rd moment is when I was part of the opening number of such a major beauty pageant that’s Miss Earth. This privilege I thank Mrs.Lorraine Schuck for being more than just my boss for one year but also a second mother to me while I was in the Philippines. To be continued.... ??????????????

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My yearend advice: BE A BITCH this 2018.?? •(Read first before raising your eyebrows except if it's a pair of @momoisupe brows.??) A quick 4R guide in reading WMLB expressed in the emojis and my photos above so don't be a bitch and swipe ????. • Read• Relate• Realize• Release• 1. Read.?? WMLB is a book not aimed to literally make you a bitch but to equip and empower women to improve themselves and also make their men their bitches. So, READ THOROUGHLY. 2. Relate.?? Oh gosh, you'll be surprised how much you can relate to the kind of women the book talks about. It's either you're "the nice one" or "the bitch". If you're the 2nd one then way to go girl! coz the BITCH is actually the acronym of the "Babe In Total Control of Herself." 3. Realize. ??As you read along all the pages with its 100 attraction principles, you'll realize that once in your life you were "the nice one",the loser who had the urge to overcompensate, and it will make you realize how STUPID you are/were. Hence, my third photo. 4. Release. ??"Once you start laughing, you start healing." That's according to the author so yes, release all the negative and go laugh your heart out. Let go of all things that's holding you back to becoming the best version of yourself. Really, aside from making your man, YOUR MAN, this is about you demanding the respect you deserve in yourself and in your relationship. A relationship with love and respect is the only relationship worth having. PS- If you're wondering what kind of girl was I in the book... why do you think I'd read it in the first place? There's way to many A**holes around. People think just because we're beauty queens, we call the shots all the time. Little did they know that we get our hearts broken too. But hey, the new year is here so we can start anew coz it's time to be a BADASS BITCH in 2018! ????

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