Karla María López Berumen crowned as Nuestra Belleza Aguascalientes 2016

23 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

Nuestra Belleza Aguascalientes 2016 is a beautiful and gorgeous woman of 20 years of age. The beauty has a spectacular personality which will surely impress the judges at the finale of Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2017. Karla María López Berumen is determined to take the crown in order to become Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2016 Kristal Silva successor. Let’s take a look at some exciting facts about this stunner...

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This 20-year-old student is currently studying the Bachelor's degree in Communication and Information at UAA. The beauty hails from Aguascalientes and is really excited to be a part of the grand contest. Karla is currently preparing herself for the pageant and she says that being part of this event is what she has always expected. The beauty says that the pageant has fulfilled all her expectations; and she can’t explain it in words what it takes to be the queen, as it is a lot of commitment, a lot of hard-work, but everything beautiful.

The confident and cheerful personality of the delegate makes her beautiful inside out. The stunner says "I had the hope since I entered to participate in this contest that I was going to win, I prepared a lot for it, that day I saw all with some characteristic that could make them win, but God gave the opportunity to me. He knows why he does things, this time it was me and here I am preparing whole heartedly, because the tentative date for the national contest is in the month of March.

The young lady is all set to face other contestants at the contest. She says, "The fact that I am working hard for NB Mexico 2017 is, I want you to know that behind me there is a great team working and I want to thank them everything they do for me, I also want to send a greeting to all the people who support me and tell them to have confidence that I will give my best, I will continue to prepare, because I will fight for that national crown.

Karla never imagined that she would become a beauty queen. The beauty believes that if you do everything with love, if you give the best of you, and prepare to fight for your dreams, you will never fail.

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Will this gorgeous lady impress the judges at the grand finale with her performance? What you think about this stunner of Aguascalientes? Let us know in the comment section below!


Karla María López Berumen crowned as Nuestra Belleza Aguascalientes 2016