Kiran Jassal says Philippines was once in a lifetime experience

20 Feb 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 is on its road to the finale, and in just three days a new winner will be crowned. Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiran Jassal will pass on her crown to one of the 18 finalists this year, who will carry forwards Kiran’s reign. Kiran Jassal represented Malaysia at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant, and the beauty was an instant hit in the Philippines. The beauty queen also had the best time of her life, and called it once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Kiran Jassal says Miss Universe Philippines was a once in a lifetime experience


During one of her interviews, Kiran shared that although she was excited to represent her country on an international platform, she was equally nervous. Her main concern was the fact that it’s going to be an all girls event and she was afraid of catty moments, but surprisingly for her there were no such moments. “Everyone was lovely. We helped each other out whenever we could, shared experiences and had a whale of a time together. Overall, I would say it was a healthy competition,” says Kiran Jassal.

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Describing her daily schedule and her preparation for the finale, Jassal said that she had to keep her studies for a halt for a year to prepare herself for the gala pageant. She trained herself in all aspect including, vocal, public speaking, catwalk, photo shoots, hair and make-up and question and answer. “In the midst of all that training, I had many events to attend, too. I’ve never felt busier in my life!”

She described the Philippines as a pageant fanatic country and praised their hospitality by saying, “The people are extremely passionate pageant fans, and they went out of their way to make all 86 of us feel very welcome and special.”  She was also amazed to see the pageant fans and their love for beauty queens and said, “As most of the media tour activities were announced prior to our arrival, people would gather to greet us as we arrived at a destination. Everyone was so excited to see us and wanted a photo with the contestants.”

Talking about the other contestants she said that everyone got along very well. “Some of the girls who could speak multiple languages played translator for those who couldn’t converse in a respective language; plus with hand gestures, you can understand quite a bit! It was fun, learning new words in different languages, and teaching the girls some Bahasa Malaysia words.”

Going by the beauty queen’s confessions this year, either the girls this year had an amazing bonding, or the Philippines had been an amazing host.

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