Miss Universe Barbados 2016 Meet the finalists

09 Jul 2016 | Angelopedia

After 8 years of interval, Barbados is finally making a comeback to the Miss Universe pageant. Yes, the Miss Universe Barbados 2016 pageant is on its road to the finale and is scheduled to be held on September 17’ 2016 in Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. The Organisation has revealed the fourteen finalists who will be competing for the honour to be called as Barbados at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant.
The fourteen finalists of Miss Universe Barbados 2016 are – 

Miss Universe Barbados 2016 Meet the finalists


Emilomo Akpevwiehor

Christina Yearwood

Angelica Neira Anderson

Tristina Grant

Jamilah Forde

Erin Griffith

Renee Robinson

Danae Brathwaite

Melanie Thorpe

Anique Herbert

Shannon Harris

Julia Trotman

Kenya Bhola

Ukweli Wilson

Before the casting, the new franchise director Brian Green revealed that significant changes to the contest have been done to offer unique opportunities to the contestants. “Miss Universe says you are confidently beautiful. They don’t say that you are 5’9, they don’t say that you are 12 pounds, that you are a size zero – they say that you are confidently beautiful, so bring your confidence and bring your beauty.” he said.
Selected candidates will participate in the preliminary competition, moving ahead to the final round, where the winner will be crowned from eight contestants.
“One of the things we’re excited about this year is the fact that, if you were part of the preliminaries, one of the 15 . . . but you didn’t make the finals, you continue to train with the finalists because we want the franchise to have value to your life . . . whether you stay in the franchise Miss Universe Barbados or you step out and get a job in corporate Barbados”, said Brian Green.
Who do you think will be the Miss Universe Barbados 2016?