Miss Universe Slovenia 2016 Meet the finalists

17 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe Slovenia 2016 is on the road to the finale and is scheduled to be held on June 24’ 2016. The winner of Miss Universe Slovenia 2016 will represent Slovenia at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant. The reigning Miss Universe Slovenia is Ana Halozan.

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Ana had to withdraw from the Miss Universe 2015 competition after suffering a dreadful accident in her hotel room, leaving her with bruises and a concussion. Halozan slipped while in the bathroom and hit her head on the ground.  She was immediately taken to the hospital where she was examined. However, the beauty made sure to live her moment and made an appearance on the stage of Miss Universe 2015 finale. “Everybody else are like, you're going to be so sad that you won't be in pageant, but I said don't cry over me because I'm okay. Don't worry. I have moved forward. I will overcome this."

This year, a total of 12 beauties will be competing for the coveted title of Miss Universe Slovenia 2016. The twelve stunners of Miss Slovenia 2016 are –


Miss Universe Slovenia 2016 Meet the finalists


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Tanja Božic

Tjaša Cerovšek

Nina Cujnik

Diana Conc

Lola Jevtic

Kaja Jokic

Sabina Mars

Lucija Potocnik

Barbara Strajnar

Maiša Triler

Nika Tušar and

Eva Ule

This year, the Miss Photogenic Special Award winner will be announced through social media. Fans will have to like the profile pic of their favourite contestant, and the girl with maximum likes will be awarded the Miss Photogenic Special Award. The finale of Miss Universe Slovenia 2016 will take place at Habakuk Hotel Congress Center in Maribor. Who do you think has the potential to win the coveted crown of Miss Universe Slovenia 2016?

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