Celine Schrenk opens the Vienna Opera Ball with Alberto Nodal

09 Feb 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss and Mister Austria Celine Schrenk and Alberto Nodal reopened the Vienna Opera Ball On Thursday. "We are very excited, but really looking forward to this unique experience to have that opportunity," she rejoiced on Monday in a press release.

On January 31, Celine even taunted her fans with a little teaser of her rehearsals for the Vienna Opera Ball.



Daniela Fally had to cancel her performance "regrettably," it said in a broadcast of the State Opera on Monday. In the place of Daniela Fally, the Moldavian soprano Valentina Nafornita will be on display. She sang "O mio babbino caro" from Puccini's "Gianni Schicchi" and together with Pavol Breslik "Lips Silence" from Lehar's "The Merry Widow".

On Sunday, the 144 pairs of the opening choreography have completed the last rehearsal before the dress rehearsal. The solo dancers of the ballet Tuen it in 2018 debutants same. They wear white dresses that are accented with red ribbons. The first solo dancers Olga Esina, Maria Yakovleva are with Robert Gabdullin and Roman Lazik at the top of the formation. They are supported by the Academy of Ballet of the Vienna State Opera. Soloist Eno Peci choreographed especially for the Opera Ball (Waltz: My resume is love and lust, polka: Waltz and refractory).

Star designer Erika Suess was called in to design the dress for this honourable occasion.

"For Celine, I have created a Traumrobe in white, with flowing fabric and only one carrier - like a Hollywood diva’s and I'm looking forward to the pit to be allowed!" says Suess.

The dress is a tribute to Hollywood diva Grace Kelly and Celine was tailored to the body.