Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 begins as a reality show

30 Mar 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Grand Indonesia 2020, the third edition of the national pageant, will host its coronation soon under the leadership of Ivan Gunawan, the new national director of the national pageant. Miss Grand Indonesia 2019 Sarlin Jones will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Previously, Ivan Gunawan announced the five finalists who were successfully selected from the 37 finalists who participated namely Bella Aprilia, Jessika Song, Kharisma Aura, Jazmine Rowe, and Nadia Ingrida. Later it was announced that the five finalists will undergo quarantine in a penthouse at the Goodrich Suites Hotel, South Jakarta while being given a briefing as well as finding winner by the end.



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Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 has opted for a very interesting format to choose their next

representative via a reality show method that will air on Ruben Onsu's MOP channel.

"With a concept like this, all finalists will be immediately recognized by the public, especially by pageant lovers. Here the finalists can self-branding themselves and are directly valued by the community," explained Ivan Gunawan.

To create a winner with a qualified character, Ivan Gunawan will also involve several big names in the process of Miss Grand Indonesia 2020, including Bunda Sarwendah as a Queen companion, Ari Tulang as a modeling and catwalk instructor, Meity Piris as a public speaking instructor, Slam Wiyono and Tama Pratama from Ivan Gunawan Cosmetics, Januar Cahyo Saputro, as coaches for speech, and Reynaldi Rifaldo, as coaches in sports.

The two episodes of Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 were telecasted on YouTube under the MOP channel where Ivan introduced the five finalists to everyone along with the penthouse where the queens will be staying in their quarantine period. The second episode included the activities for the queens to ace their catwalk on-stage. They were given the challenge to walk on water while being inside a zorb ball. The queens were later given hair makeover under the guidance of Ivan Gunawan and Chandra Gupta; a famous hairstylist. 




The highlight of the Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 grand final will be held at Villa Plenilunio Bali, Bali's Cliff Top-wedding Venue on 2nd April 2020.The five finalists of Miss Grand Indonesia will compete for the titles of Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic, Miss Glowing Skin, Runner Up and Miss Grand Indonesia 2020. A crown of work designed by Ivan Gunawan with the theme of World of Victory valued at Rp 3.5 billion, will be won by one of the winners called Queen.