Our favourites from the sashing ceremony of Miss Grand International 2022

06 Oct 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Grand International 2022, the 10th anniversary edition of the international pageant, has officially begun as the sashing ceremony took place on Wednesday, 5th October 2022 at The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa in Bali, Indonesia.

Sixty-six contestants out of the 72 confirmed contestants were present at the ceremony to receive their country sashes from the reigning Miss Grand International Nguyen Thuy Thuc Tien of Vietnam. Here are our favourites from the sashing ceremony of Miss Grand International 2022 –

Isabella Menin representing Brazil

Isabella Menin stunned in her beautiful sky blue gown with minimal classic jewelry; studded earrings, necklace and bracelets. She impressed everyone with her mesmerizing smile.



Mariana Becková representing Czech Republic

Mariana Becková donned a glittering gold gown with dangling earrings and hair tied up in a bun. The Czech beauty impressed everyone with her candid personality.



Andina Julie representing Indonesia

Andina Julie wore a stunning purple slit-gown who got applause from everyone for her almost perfect catwalk. While as Andina herself accepts, the Indonesian beauty can improve her English speaking skills before finale beckons.



Laysha Salazar representing Mexico

Laysha Salazar wore a stunning pink sleeveless frilled jumpsuit. The Mexican beauty was a sight to behold and impressed everyone with her vibrant personality.



Roberta Tamondong representing Philippines

Roberta Tamondong, already a fan-favourite, wore a Larry Espinosa gown at the sashing ceremony looking every bit prepared to win the first crown for her country.



Hirisley Jimenez representing Spain

Hirisley Jimenez wore a Lewis Andry gown at the ceremony with her hair tied up. She looked phenomenal in her outfit and impressed everyone with her playful personality.



Engfa Waraha representing Thailand

Engfa Waraha is another strong Thai beauty who impressed everyone with her personality and graceful demeanor. She is another strong contender for the international crown.



Doan Thien An representing Vietnam

Doan Thien An wore a satin gown designed by Ha Thanh Vie with a fur overall around her. The Vietnamese beauty has shown immense capability to win the 10th Miss Grand International crown.