Mariam Habach says no to Miss Grand Venezuela 2021

25 May 2021 | Angelique Reyes

With the announcement with the 9th edition of Miss Grand International coming into action within the same year after a successful completion Miss Grand International 2020, countries have started to gear up to elect their best beauty queen to represent at the Grand stage. The current titleholder is Abena Appiah of the USA, who was crowned on 27 March 2021 at Show DC Hall in Bangkok and will be crowning her successor at the upcoming Miss Grand International 2021, after the shortest reign of only a few months.

Miss Grand Venezuela is one of the organizations which has recently announced to go beyond and after the crown as soon as possible as the dates of the international competition are to be released soon. The aspiring candidates will be going through an election process as they’ll express their intensions to represent Venezuela.



With one of the most beloved pageants coming back for another edition within the same year, the pageant followers are filled with excitement as they share their favorites to represent the country at the grand stage. One of the most recalled and strongest names that came forward was of Mariam Habach but soon the hopes of seeing her at the stage were crashed as she took to her social media to clarify her intensions towards participating.

Mariam denied the idea of going to Miss Grand International this year due to her prior commitments to her university and studies. She posted a message for her followers where she wrote, “I am currently finishing one of my most important personal goals and that is why I am in Venezuela and the reason is my university career that I am finishing and I am getting closer to achieving it. A beauty contest deserves time, a time that I have 100% invested in my studies to achieve that objective, the contests are not in my insurance plans in the future and I have graduated.”

“I really appreciate every message, mentions and comments excited with that illusion of seeing me again on a catwalk giving my best and representing the most beautiful country on the planet. For sure, the Miss Grand Venezuela who will represent us in 2021 will do very well and we will feel very proud,” she added as she felt grateful for all the love.



George Wittels, National Director of Miss Grand Venezuela also took to his social media to share and confirm her not being a part of the pageant this year, he said, “Mariam Habach is very appreciated by me since for Miss Venezuela we maintain contact and of course I would have loved her to be the one who participated as MGV 2021, we had a very pleasant conversation where I expressed my love and how excited I am for her, for so many messages she has received, but let me explain that she is unable to participate this year.

Mariam also mentioned that she would not hesitate to participate and represent Venezuela in a contest as beautiful as Miss Grand International, being right now one of the most complete and impressive international competitions, but unfortunately we won’t be able to see her rock the stage this year.

Marian loves this contest and has proven as a strong choice for beauty pageants in the past, so if it is not this one, will she represent Venezuela in coming years?