Miss Croatia World 2016 – Road to Finale

08 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss Croatia World 2016 pageant is on the road to the finale and is scheduled to be held on June 17’ 2016. The road to the crown is not going to be easy for the contestants this year as they have to go through a series of Preliminary Competition before making it to the finale. There are a total of five challenges that the contestants will have to go through. The five challenges include - Sport, Talent, Interview, Multimedia and Modelling.

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The delegates will be trained by the experts and mentors who will help them develop their skills and bring out the best in them. The mentors at the end of their session will evaluate the contestants’ points which will eventually lead to the selection of Top 10 finalists. Let’s get an insight to the different challenges –


Miss Hrvatske za Miss Svijeta 2016 finale on June 17


Sports Challenge – This challenge will test the physical strength of the contestants and their level of functionality. The contestants will be asked to perform various exercises and various other activities like walking on a tightrope. The special task for the delegates would include carrying and rolling the ball 5kg. This would require the contestants to be medically fit and fine and the core strength of the body.

Talent Challenge – Under this challenge the contestants can pick their own talent to present in front of the judges, be it dance, singing, acting, sports, playing an instrument, painting, cooking or sewing etc. The mentors will help the delegates to polish their talent and will prepare the girls better to present themselves in front of the judges.

Interview Challenge – This is going to be one of the important rounds for the contestants. The mentors will work on the pronunciation and body language of the delegates. The contestants will be taught how to work with the camera and how to look presentable. After the training, the delegates will be reviewed on their improvement and marked on the basis of their performance.

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Multimedia Challenge – This one is going to be an interesting challenge as the girls will be asked to update their profiles on the social networking sites, record videos, publish photos etc, based on different themes. Based on this the mentors will evaluate the interaction and engagement of the contestants with the masses. This will basically be a test of communication skills, creativity and resourcefulness.

Modelling Challenge – During this round, the girls will have to show their expertise and comfort with the camera; how well they can pose and interact with the camera. The mentors will help the delegates with all these factors, and will teach them how to dress up and what kind of make-up to put on when on camera. Basically, the delegates will be judged on how well they conduct themselves on camera, in front of the audience and how gracefully they portray themselves to the audience.

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