Isbel Cristina Parra Santos crowned Miss International Venezuela 2020

25 Sep 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The 67th edition of Miss Venezuela 2020 was held on 24th September 2020 in Caracas, Venezuela in Venevisión Studio 1 where Isbel Cristina Parra Santos was crowned as the new Miss International Venezuela 2020 in the second part of the finale. She will represent Venezuela at Miss International 2020 stage. Miss International Venezuela 2019 Melissa Jiménez crowned her successor at the end of the event finale.

Miss Guayana Region 2020 Isbel Cristina Parra Santos is 26-years-old and stands 175 cm tall and she is currently a cooch of artistic gymnastics which has taught her the fundamentals of who she is and what she. She explained, “We have carried out gymnastic activities for low-income girls who want to learn the discipline, and those who show the interest to continue improving in this wonderful sport, become part of the scholarship program in charge of the board of directors of our club, always with the parental consent.”



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She describes herself as very disciplined, responsible, honest, hard-working, and enterprising person. She is very excited to represent Venezuela at Miss International 2020 stage and believes in the realization of dreams, and that everything can be achieved with effort and dedication. She was also a part of our favorites for the crown.

Isbel will use the platform to be a spokesperson for the organization, and for the country. She would like to carry her message to promote and highlight the importance of doing some sporting activity from an early age, not only for physical health but also for mental health, thus achieving psychological well-being and a general balance. She would also look forward to open a second headquarters of her Gymnastics Club in the East of Caracas and create a casual / urban clothing brand for a target of women between 18 and 28 years old.

On asking about what motivates her, the diva stated that her family’s unconditional support and love motivates her to keep going forward towards her dreams. She explained that with their immense support she wants to keep educating and teaching the young girls the values and tools for their growth and development. “I have been a participant in positive changes thanks to gymnastics in young people who suffered from stress, anxiety and attention deficit. It is a motivation that I grew up with, that helped me personally, in which I work and I want to continue doing it in the future,” she added.



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Also, at the finale, Mariangel Villasmil Arteaga was crowned as the new Miss Venezuela 2020 and will represent her country at Miss Universe 2020. In special awards category Miss Yaracuy 2020 Daniela Montanes was awarded Mejor Diseno 2020 award.

The organization also crowned Alejandra Conde as the new Miss World Venezuela 2020 in the first part of the finale where the audience was able to enjoy the talent tests, the social vocation interviews, the winners of the interactive bands, special awards, and the Top Model parade.

The twenty-two ladies who competed for Miss Venezuela 2020 were Valentina Sánchez, Sabrina Deraneck, Michelle Suárez, Mayra Goyo, Mariangel Villasmil, María Estefanie Colmenares, María Antonieta Silva, Luiseth Materán, Lisandra Chirinos, Laura Zabaleta, Karla Sánchez, Jhosskaren Carrizo, Ismelys Velásquez, Isbel Parra, Haydalic Urbano, Elizabeth Ramos, Elizabeth Gasiba, Daniela Montañés, Daniela Chmatil, Claudia Bardi, Camile Ramírez, Betzabeth Hernández, Ana Karina Pereira and Alejandra Conde.