Miss Supranational 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round

06 Dec 2019 | Avneet Ahluwalia

The grand finale of Miss Supranational 2019 was held in Poland tonight, i.e 6th December 2019 in Poland where Thailand took home its first ever Miss Supranational crown. The presenters of the evening asked the top 5 contestants questions before announcing the winners. The question and answer round is very important as it brings out the quality of the delegate which is either they answer exceptionally well or they break it. So, it is a round that decides the viability of the queen.


Miss Supranational 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round


Unlike last year, Miss Supranational 2019 question and answer round had few questions that were selected out of thousands of questions that they received. The delegates had to take a leap of faith and choose their question by picking one out. They had half a minute to answer the question and prove their point.

Let’s look at the questions and exceptionally well-defined answers of the Top 5 contestants of Miss Supranational 2019 -

Janick Maceta Miss Supranational Peru 2019

Janick Maceta was asked a question by the delegate of Sri-lanka “How can men empower women in male dominated industry?” Janick gave an answer with drawing and example from her personal life explaining that she still gets stares and surprised looks by the people. She further said that she wants to empower women by leading an example and talking to them and make them realise that they can do whatever they want. She elaborated that we live in an era where women can do it and not just stay quiet; she urged women to do what they are doing and not stop themselves from achieving their goals because we are women and we are powerful.

Yana Haenisch Miss Supranational Namibia 2019

Yana Haenisch was asked a question by the delegate Venezuela, ‘What is the role of a beauty queen in a time when social media is so important?” Yana answered with true honesty and said that she believes that as an inspiration and a role model whatever you do, do it with your entire heart and passion. If you’re able to make a difference in the lives of people, then you have achieved what you aimed for.


Miss Supranational 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round


Gabriela de la Cruz Miss Supranational Venezuela 2019

Gabriela de la Cruz was asked a question by the delegate of Peru, ‘How do you expect other women to be more confident or proud of them?” Gabriela very confidently and gracefully answered the question with a smile that I am an authentic woman and I am very responsible and disciplined in my life. I have my dreams and I try to work very hard towards them. I am very proud of myself. So, I would like to say to every woman out there just one thing, believe in yourself as much you believe in your dreams and be confident always.

Jesica Fitriana Miss Supranational Indonesia 2019

Jesica Fitriana was asked a question by the delegate of Nepal, ‘What is the essence of being a woman?’ Jesica Fitriana answered the question with grace and said that according to her, being a woman means to be strong because women can empower each other. Just like us Supra sisters, we belong to different world united. We are here to make a positive impact on the world and make peace.

Anntonia Porsild Miss Supranational Thailand 2019

Anntonia Porsild was asked a question by the delegate of India, ‘What is the biggest challenge your generation is facing and what can be done about it?’ Anntonia sounded very confident while giving the answer, she said that the biggest challenge our generation is facing is being kind. She elaborated her point and further explained that we are constantly judging each other based on outer appearance and we are not actually trying to know each other from inside and that is the quality that really counts. If we can encourage each other and inspire one another to look at those aspects of one another, the world could be a much better place to be in.