Best National Costumes from Miss Universe through the decade

15 Feb 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Established in 1952, Miss Universe is the prominent beauty pageant where young and beautiful women from around the world strive hard to be crowned as the Universe beauty queen. The journey to the title involves a series of competitions as stepping stones where the contenders have to prove themselves at every point and only one who is strong, confident and capable can win the coveted crown of 'Miss Universe'.

The one who loves her country can definitely love and embrace the universe and its creations, which is why the 'Best National Costume Competition' is a part of the Miss Universe which celebrates every country’s unique traditions and cultures embedded in their tradition outfits for the competition. Through this decade as well, Miss Universe saw numerous beauty queens who portrayed their country’s culture with such exquisiteness and beauty that they left us is awe. So, without further ado, lets take a look at the Best National Costumes carried on the Miss Universe stage from 2010 - till now (in no particular order) –   

Marelisa Gibson

Marelisa Gibson represented Venezuela at Miss Universe 2010. She wore a glazing glass embroidered costume in tribute to the glass monument of a famous revolutionist Che Guevara who was also an actor. The glass monument was destroyed within 14 days of installation. Marelisa Gibson's choice for this outfit was excellent and truly showed the love she holds for her nation. The outfit is creative and beautifully depicts the message that has to be conveyed.


Marelisa Gibson Miss Universe Venezuela 2010


Laury Thilleman

Laury Thilleman walked down the runway of Miss Universe 2011 wearing a ball gown that resembled the look of the last Queen of Independent France, 'Marie Antoinette'. Her gown incorporated the three colors of the French National Flag – red, white, blue. Laury's look was adorable and also depicted the fame of her homeland. Wearing this elegant attire, Laury looked no lesser than the queen.


Laury Thilleman Miss Universe France 2011


Maria Kamiyama

Maria Kamiyama of Japan carried this beautiful outfit on the runway of Miss Universe 2011. Her outfit portrayed a very strong message of women empowerment. Swords, which are prominent in Japanese culture, clearly signified the strength of the women and the elegant kimono adored their beauty. Undeniably, it states that women can be generous as well as fierce as and when needed. Additionally, her dress is a combination of white and red which is also the color of Japan's National Flag.


Maria Kamiyama Miss Universe Japan 2011


Olivia Culpo

This picture doesn't need any actual explanation. Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo of USA carried this sky-blue colored attire. The outfit resembled America's famous center of attraction, 'Statue Of Liberty'. Olivia slayed the audience donning this beautiful outfit that clearly symbolized her nation.


Olivia Culpo Miss Universe USA 2012


Alixes Scott

Alixes Scott deserved the title of 'Oceanic Princess' for carrying this magnificent ocean blue attire. At Miss Universe 2013, she represented Guam island which is clearly depicted by her mermaid outfit. The shell-shaped blouse paired flawlessly with her watery skirt. She looked absolutely stunning in the crown that adorns her beauty infinitely.


Alixes Scott Miss Universe Guam 2013


Catherine Miller

'Two in One', Isn't it? Catherine Miller's costume at Miss Universe 2013 does not require much of our efforts to identify her country. Her mesmerizing outfit which is the combination of bewitching blue and rosy red easily demonstrates the nature of her homeland, Trinidad & Tobago. Not only these islands are twins but also a home to huge number of immigrants which is why there's a blend of various cultures in the environment. Besides the perfect color combination, her outfit also resembles beach-wear which makes it even more predictable that she belongs to an island nation.


Catherine Miller Miss Universe Trinidad & Tobago 2013


Niketa Barker

What's the first thing that strikes into your mind when you see this outfit? GOLD! Isn't it? Yes. That's what this dress depicts. Niketa Barker from Guyana donned this glittery golden attire at Miss Universe 2014 highlighting the unexplored gold mines in her homeland. She looked magnificent in this lustrous outfit, coveted just like the hidden treasures of her country.


Niketa Barker Miss Universe Guyana 2014


Aniporn Chalermburanawong

This bizarre but creative outfit donned by Aniporn Chalermburanawong from Thailand won her the 'Best National Costume Competition' at the stage of Miss Universe 2015. The outfit depicted a prominent traveling vehicle, Tuk-Tuk which runs on battery and causes no pollution. Aniporn's attire was designed by Hirankrit Pattaraboriboonku and received huge appreciation for its creativity and uniqueness.


Aniporn Chalermburanawong Miss Universe Thailand 2015


Kiran Jassal

Kiran Jassal from Malaysia wore this silver-colored jumpsuit in Miss Universe 2016. Her dress depicted the fame of Malaysia and the largest Twin-Towers in the world, 'The Petron's Tower'. Kiran Jassal looked stunning in this shiny silver-colored dress which clearly showed her homeland.


Kiran Jassal Miss Universe Malaysia 2016


Chalita Suansane

Chalita was a Thai representative in Miss Universe 2016. Chalita Suansane was dressed as the Thai Queen Sirikit as her exquisite dress was designed by Hirankrit Pattaraboriboonku and received huge appreciation from the audience. Her dress was decorated with fine embroidery at each corner. Chalita looked mesmerizing and all those who witnessed the show could not get their eyes off her.


Chalita Suansane Miss Universe Thailand 2016


Monalysa Alcântara

Do you know where does 30% of the earth's oxygen comes from? It's the Amazon Rainforest. Monalysa Alcântara, the Brazilian representative at Miss Universe 2017, donned this gorgeous green colored dress that described the flora and fauna of the Great Amazon Forest in her nation. She brought out an untouched topic and showed her gratitude and respect to the forest that gave life to more than 1 million earth species. She looked extremely beautiful in the dress and was loved by the audience as well.


Monalysa Alcântara Miss Universe Brazil 2017


Maria Lynn Ehren

At Miss Universe 2017, Maria Lynn Ehren aka Marie Poonlertlarp of Thailand was dressed as the God Of Thunder as per Thailand's mythological epic 'Ramayana'. Her performance at the stage was breathtaking and she totally slayed the audience as soon as she stepped on the runway.


Maria Lynn Ehren Miss Universe Thailand 2017


Onanong Homsombath

Onanong Homsombath represented Laos at Miss Universe 2018 wearing an exceptional costume designed by Rapeepat Sumray. The dress was based on the concept of kinnaree - a mythical half-bird, half-woman creature – behind and in front of her. The ideology behind the costume was spreading a woman's love by flying around the world with a bird's wings. Laos competed in Miss Universe contest for the first time and managed to win the National Costume Competition.


Onanong Homsombath Miss Universe Laos 2018


Ning Sophida

Popularly known as Ning Sophida, Sophida Kanchanarin represented Thailand at Miss Universe 2018. Her dress showed her gratitude to the elephants of Thailand who have been a prominent part of Thai society for ages. Her dress was also to spread awareness regarding the endangered elephants of Thailand. Though she didn't win the competition, her attire was truly mesmerizing and conveyed a powerful message for the audience.


Ning Sophida Miss Universe Thailand 2018


Gazini Christiana Ganados

Gazzini Ganados donned an exquisite silver-colored dress that depicted the Philippine eagle – the national bird of Philipinnes. Her beautiful blazing dress was designed by Cary Santigo. The attire was immaculately handstitched with each of its minute details done precisely. The eagles on either side of her shoulders adorn her beauty multiple times. Ganados won the best national costume competition in Miss Universe 2019.


Gazini Christiana Ganados Miss Universe Philippines 2019


Zozibini Tunzi

Winner of Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi, may not have managed to win the best national costume competition but she definitely won the love and support of her people by carrying the attire that depicted a very strong message. Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa wore a tight-fit costume wrapped with the colors of the African National Flag. Tunzi aimed to gather the support from men for her #HeforShe campaign that works against gender-based violence.


Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe 2019