Tinna María Björgvinsdóttir emerges as a favourite for Miss Universe Iceland 2021

14 Jun 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Universe Iceland will host the coronation ceremony for Miss Universe Iceland 2021 soon, where the delegates will win the national crown and earn the opportunity to represent Iceland at Miss Universe 2021. The winner will succeed Miss Universe Iceland 2020 Elísabet Hulda Snorradóttir for the title.

Tinna Maria Björgvinsdóttir is one of the divas who is competing for the crown and is hoping to perform her best to win the title and represent Iceland at Miss Universe 2021 in December 2021. She is 22-years-old and is representing Keflavik in the competition.

Tinna’s hobbies include ballet, animals, traveling, learning new languages, and spending time with her friends. She feels lucky to have the support of her family and friends, which has always pushed her to perform her best on stage and be the best version of herself. Tinna was born and raised in Iceland but has lived in Denmark and Spain, which is why she is fluent in Spanish, English, and Danish.



Miss Universe Iceland 2021 is Tinna’s second attempt to win the crown and represent Iceland at Miss Universe as she was one of the contenders at Miss Universe Iceland 2019, where she was highly appreciated for her confidence and strong performance, but unfortunately couldn’t win it. The zeal inside Tinna to make Iceland proud by representing it at Miss Universe brought her back and she is one of the favourites for the crown.

The diva is confident, strong, and has a positive approach towards life, which makes her likable to everyone. With Tinna's participation in Miss Universe Iceland 2021, the organization made a statement that beauty does not come in one size and that everyone deserves to feel powerful and impactful. The organization’s confidence in Tinna has allowed her to be confident about herself and she is thankful to the organization for giving her a chance.

She has started to prepare for the finale and is looking forward to meeting all the delegates as she believes that every individual has their own experience and she would love to know those experiences.

Tinna feels extremely comfortable with herself and encourages every young woman to do the same. She feels that young women should be taught to feel happy and comfortable the way they are and be guided to work hard and stay dedicated to fulfilling their dreams. She is looking forward to representing Keflavik in the competition, along with flaunting her confidence and strength on-stage. She is one of the favourites for the crown and is surely one of the strongest contenders too.