Sandra Lemonon announces not to join beauty pageants until there is transparency

18 Dec 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Sandra Raymundo Lemonon who was a part of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 where Rabiya Mateo was crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2020 has announced that she won’t be joining pageants anymore until there is utmost transparency from the pageant industry. She revealed this during an online question and answer round on her social media with her followers.

The diva took to her social media to interact with some of her fans where she was asked by few of her fans and followers about when would she spilling the tea about Miss Universe Philippines to which she replied ‘soon’. Sandra sparked rumors of the organization not being honest and transparent with the delegates during the competition stating that they were biased.



In her response, she mentioned, “It's brewing. Charot. But in all seriousness, I decided to stay silent for now, to 'keep the peace' and be no hot tempers. As my intentions are pure, my purpose in speaking up is to improve the pageant community by being transparent and honest. All I will share is my truth from the perspective of a candidate of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 who has experienced all three organizations (Miss World, Binibining Pilipinas, and Miss Universe Philippines), and who has witnessed things that weren't aligned with my beliefs and morals. In summary, you will be hearing from me soon.”

Some curious fans also asked the diva about whether she will be joining the beauty pageant again in future? To which Sandra replied by stating that she is very happy to hear that people are rooting for her but she will not be joining or participating any more beauty pageants until there is utmost transparency from the pageant industry. She was one of the favorite contenders for the title as she was experienced, had impressed everyone with her confidence and strong performance.



The diva also stated that she is doing so much better since the beauty competition hosted the finale on 25th October 2020. Sandra stated that even though there were many trials this year, they have only helped her to grow into a better person and she is happy and staying true to herself.

Sandra was one of the favorites for the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 and she finished in the Top 16 at the end of the event finale. She has posted a story on her social media stating that she will be reveal some big news about the competition and by the time she posted, the finale of Miss Universe Philippines had already been pre-recorded. Some people speculated that some biasness happened during the competition where as some speculated that Sandra was only bitter about losing the competition.

Wishing her good luck and hoping to see her on-stage real soon.