Ukraine’s Viktoria Apanasenko to showcase ‘Warrior of Light’ national costume at Miss Universe 2022

22 Dec 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Ukraine 2022 Viktoria Apanasenko took to her official social media to reveal the national costume that she will be showcasing at the 71st Miss Universe pageant during the national costume competition.

The national costume is called ‘Warrior of Light’ and designed by costume designer Lesia Patoka. It symbolizes her nation's fight against the darkness, like an archangel Michael with a sword protecting Ukraine. The costume was made in four months of extreme conditions with the sound of sirens, without electricity, and by candlelight.



Viktoria’s costume is symbolic of the tough time the country has faced during the war with Russia. In addition to a weapon in her hand, the costume also features a monolithic jumpsuit that covers Viktoria's body like armor, a vyshyvanka-styled white dress with puffy sleeves and skirt with over ten meters of fabric and wings inspired by the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The headwear is decorated with spikelets, which are traditional in Ukraine.

"It is the personification of inner strength, courage, determination and will flowing in our veins. War cannot break our strength and will not discolor our hearts. Ukraine will bloom like a phoenix even in a fire. It shines with bright rays of kindness and faith. We are all true warriors of light - unbreakable, made of steel, who will definitely defeat the darkness and evil that has come to our land," Viktoria shared on social media.