Isabella Rodríguez Guzmán to represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2021?

14 Jun 2021 | Camilla Suarez

According to the rumors circling the pageant world, Maryuris Isabel Rodriguez Guzman could be designated to represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2021. If she is chosen as Miss Venezuela 2021, she will succeed Miss Universe Venezuela 2020 Mariangel Villasmil Arteaga.

Isabella is 27-years-old and stands 178 cm tall. She is a professional model, a television host, and an Industrial Safety student who aspires to make Venezuela proud. She seems like an ideal choice to represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2021 scheduled to take place in December 2021.



The diva is not new to the world of beauty pageants, as she was Miss Portuguesa 2018, Miss Venezuela 2018 and represented Venezuela in Miss World 2019, where she was highly appreciated for her performance throughout the competition and was placed in the Top 40 at the end of the event's finale. Her experience as a professional model could help her at Miss Universe 2021 if she is appointed as Miss Venezuela Universe 2021.

Isabella is a strong, confident, and experienced woman who believes that an individual should keep working hard until they get what they aspire to, and she is determined to make Venezuela proud. In one of her recent social media posts, Isabella shared, "I think that when I obtained the crown of Miss Venezuela (2018), the real prize for me, beyond representing them, was THIS that is happening now, that you realize that all of us have the right to have opportunities, to grow, to succeed because that's what we were born for. Today I feel successful and not because of boasting, but because they know how much I have enjoyed this process, ignoring so many irrelevant things. A woman who NEVER DOUBTS WHAT SHE KNOWS SHE DESERVES is a woman who recognizes what she deserves. I appreciate your faith in me."

The beauty queen believes in surrounding oneself with people who constantly try to uplift you with the same energy, with people who invite you to dream, live, grow, and be the best version of yourself. Isabella has worked on her communication skills and is constantly trying to make progress, whether it’s physical or mental. She could be an ideal choice to represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2021 because of her experience, confidence, and constant need to work on herself to bring out the best version of herself.



Isabella has grown into a strong woman who is not only encouraging young women to believe in themselves, but also attempting to communicate with them and help them understand the fundamentals of why it is important to remain dedicated and determined to achieve their goals. She is prepared, beautiful, and self-assured in being her best self and representing Venezuela to the best of her ability.

If Isabella Rodriguez is appointed as Miss Universe Venezuela 2021, she could be a strong contender for Miss Universe 2021. What do you think?