Miss World 2018 delegates dazzle at the Dances of the World Auditions

12 Nov 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss World 2018 has started its preliminary contests in full blast and 80 delegates have already arrived, out of 120, in Sanya, China where the finale will be held this year. The Dances of the World auditions took place where all the representatives were divided into groups of their respective continents, namely Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Americas and Caribbean.

In the Dances of the World, all the delegates were to perform the traditional dances of their respective nations or a dance that means something to their country. The official social media page of Miss World released pictures of the highlights of the event with beautiful images and a short description of their significance.

Following are the description of the costumes and the dances that were highlighted by the official social media page of Miss World Organization. Since not all of the Miss World 2018 contestants have yet showcased at the auditions, here are the ones mentioned till now –


Miss World 2018 delegates dazzle at the Dances of the World Auditions


From the continent of Europe, we have Miss World Russia 2018 Natalya Stroeva who is seen wearing a traditional Russian dress designed by a famous Yakutian designer, Augustine Filippova. Natalya was born in Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in Yakutsk city. She says that her region is known more for being the largest territory in the Russian Federation and the breath-taking landscapes. The costume is finely detailed with a fur coat that compliments the extreme temperatures of Russia, and a bold and catchy headdress.

AmaiaIzar is the representative of Spain from the continent of Russia, and she wore the traditional costume worn while performing the Flamenco. This is an art form that originated from Andalusia, where a person sings, dances, plays the guitar, and snaps their fingers in rhythm. The costume is red in colour with layers of frills and grand gestures. The costume was designed by El AbanicoArtesanía.

Aoife O'Sullivan, representing Ireland in Miss World 2018, performed a river dancing routine and wore the Irish show dancing dress. Aoife is 23 years of age from Bandon, Cork and is a primary teacher by profession, she had also participated in Miss Ireland in 2015. The dress that she is wearing is black with a few bright colours thrown in to give it a very attractive look.


Miss World 2018 delegates dazzle at the Dances of the World Auditions


From the Americas, we have Vanessa Ponce De Leon as Miss World Mexico 2018. She can be seen wearing Charrería, a traditional sports costume, which is an art that is said to be derived from the demands of working life. Her costume includes a rope signifying control of horses and cows, and a sombrero which is a type of a Mexican hat.

Another delegate highlighted in the Dances of World auditions is Miss World Argentina 2018, Victoria Soto. She did the ‘Chacarera’, an Argentinian dance that originated in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. This rural style of dancing is supposed to contradict the cosmopolitan essence of Tango.

Miss World Panama 2018 Solaris Barba’s costume is called the "La Musa Panameña". This suit was adapted to signify power and femininity. She looks ravishing in this costume which includes a brassiere and a finely detailed body-hugging pant and a cape. Solaris looks amazing in the costume.


Miss World 2018 delegates dazzle at the Dances of the World Auditions


Jessica Carvalho is from the continent of the Americas was is competing as Miss World Brazil 2018. Her costume is a combination of tradition and modernity. While the top is silver in colour, the frilled skirt that she is wearing is see-through, which compliments her corset.

The representative of Chile in Miss World 2018 is Anahi Hormazabal, from the continent of Americas. She looks beautiful in a fluffed red knee-length dress with floral work all over and an extravagant headdress to compliment the costume.

Maquenna Gaiarín is Miss World Paraguay 2018 and her costume is the most peculiar out of the lot as it is made entirely of spider’s web. But don’t be fooled by the ingredient, as the costume looks extremely beautiful with intricate designing. The attire is completed with a pot-shaped headdress.


Miss World 2018 delegates dazzle at the Dances of the World Auditions


From the exotic country of Egypt, we have Mony Helal belonging to the continent of Africa. She is performing ‘belly dancing’ in Dances of the World and is seen wearing a shimmering golden dress which looks sensuous. The look is completed with a detailed golden choker and a headdress.

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2018 Ysabel Bisnath is in the Caribbean group and is wearing a traditional costume which is red, white and golden in colour. The dress looks very detailed and completed with a headdress and a hand-fan. It is said to represent all people, multiculturalism and diversity in the country.

Also, from the Caribbean group is 18-year-old Jalyssa Arthurs representing Belize. She can be seen wearing a very flowing and colourful gown that has lots of fruits imprinted on it. Even her headdress is a basket with many fruits in it. It is a very bright and fun costume to work with.

All the best to all the contestants.