“No Show No Winner” says Shaan Suhas Miss Earth India 2016 finalist

06 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

The current controversy that has taken the pageant world by storm is the Miss Earth India 2016 finale drama. The world is aware how the continuously delayed finale of Miss Earth India 2016 finally reached a date and didn’t conclude and announced the winner abruptly, leading to an outburst among the other finalists. Rumours had that the contestants were planning to sue the organisation over defamation.

Two of the finalists of Miss Earth India, Chum Darang and Shaan Suhas, have been vocal about the whole incident ever since the mishap took place. Our editorial team zoomed in to Shaan’s Facebook profile and tried to cover her side of the story, and what we found was not what we expected.

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“No Show No Winner” says Shaan Suhas Miss Earth India 2016 finalist


At the final 3 days of the pageant, again - no accommodation, no travel expenses were covered and the first two days that went from 8-9 am to 9-11pm the only food we were given was in Haldiraams near the Leela Ambience Hotel - food that no pageant contestant should be eating. Infact, on the first day we were taken to lunch at 6 pm. On the day of the finale we were fed half a sandwich at 3.30 pm for lunch at the Leela when we were asked to reach the hotel at 8 in the morning (some of us coming from 1.30 hours away from the venue),” Shaan mentioned on her Facebook page.

Team Angelopedia had a word with Shaan regarding the whole scenario and when asked if the organisation is planning on re conducting the finale, Shaan said, “None of the 25 contestants are interested anymore. We all feel humiliated. The organizers have turned their backs too. You must have read their posts calling us fake. They asked us for our vote and our vote is no show no winner. The contestants have voted for no representativebut the organization seems unflinching in their decision in sending rashi.”

Shaan also cleared her stance that the contestants are not against the winner (Rashi Yadav), but against the unfair judgement of the organisation. “The terrible thing is a lot of pageant enthusiasts are writing terrible things about other finalists to support the winner. Feel like we are being targeted in every way for no fault of ours.”

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This morning the organisation hastily revealed the list of winners of Miss Earth India 2016 on a pageant community, which said –


“No Show No Winner” says Shaan Suhas Miss Earth India 2016 finalist



Earth Winner - Ms Rashi Yadav

Air Winner - Ms Shaan Suhas Kumar

Fire Winner - Ms Hemal Ingle

Water Winner - Ms Chum Darang


Winners for the sub titles are:

1. Ms Popular - Ms Pallavi Sirohi

2. Ms Talent - Ms Tanwi Dixit

3. Ms Personality - Ms Rwituparna Ghosh

4. Ms Photogenic - Ms Adya Shrivastava

5. Ms Friendship - Ms Sakshi Gupta

6. Ms Best Smile - Ms Saumya Saxena

7.Ms Best Walk - Ms Bhavyta Sharma

8.Ms Beautiful Eyes - Ms Saumya Singh

9. Ms Ethical - Ms Sonali Verma

Shaan strongly protested the judgement and sharing the post on her official facebook wall she wrote, “I refuse this title! This has been the most unfair thing I have ever been a part of and our organizers clearly have no remorse for the way they have conducted things. They didn't organize a pageant and randomly announced a winner and today they decide to throw this at us by posting in a pageant community.”

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This year’s Miss Earth India 2016 received a lot of backlash not just from the contestants, but also the industry experts felt that the sudden winner announcement was unfair. Ritika Ramtri, a renowned coach for Pageant and grooming and who has successfully trained many Femina Miss India winners commented in favour of the contestants.

For the finalists of the beauty pageant, it has been a waste of time to participate in such a disorganised pageantry show. What do you think?