Miss Earth Philippines 2019 Top 16 Hot Picks

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Danica Joy Acuna Miss Earth Philippines 2019 Finalist
Danica Joy Acuna Miss Earth Philippines 2019 Finalist

Danica Joy Acuña representing Romblom is the official delegate of Miss Earth Philippines 2019. She is representing Waling-waling flower at the contest. Standing 165 cm tall, Danica wants to spread and help implement the cause of the pageant. She wants to challenge herself to become a better version of herself and also to become a better consumer. 

As a national delegate, she wants to advocate for responsible tourism, promoting awareness, cleanliness, and the conservation of the nature’s bounty. Also, as an environmental advocate, she wants to remind the people the importance of growing and taking care of the flowers while also teaching them to conserve and protect not only the plants but also the ecosystem that they are growing in.

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