Miss Earth USA 2020 Meet the Delegates

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Lili Klainer Miss North Carolina Earth 2020
Lili Klainer Miss North Carolina Earth 2020

Lili Klainer was appointed Miss North Carolina Earth 2020 as she became the official representative of Carolina in Miss Earth USA 2020. Lili received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Loyola University Chicago. She is currently a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and whose ambition is to become a Doctor for Doctors Without Borders. Lili recently completed a biology fellowship at Loyola, researching the genetic basis of embryonic craniofacial cartilage development. Having participated in competitive martial arts since she was six years old, Lili is a six-time National Champion and one-time World Champion martial artist with a 3rd degree black belt. She promotes the importance of a healthy lifestyle among young by teaching youth karate classes for the past ten years. The diva is a strong personality who can definitely give tough competition to the other contenders in the pageant.

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