Miss Earth Titleholders from 2001 to 2010

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Miss Earth 2001 Catharina Svensson from Denmark
Miss Earth 2001 Catharina Svensson from Denmark

Miss Earth 2001 was the first edition of the pageant where Catherina Svensson from Denmark was crowned winner. Catherina was 19-years-old when she represented Denmark for the crown of Miss Earth 2001. It was the first time when Brink participated in any beauty contest; She was directly appointed as the representative of Denmark by the national pageant director of Miss Earth Denmark. She was pursuing a degree in Law and worked as a part-time model during the time of her crowning. During her reign, she worked for a lot of environmental and humanitarian causes and travelled across the world, spreading awareness on the delicate yet crucial environmental issues. Post completion of her reigning period, she continued her studies to become a lawyer and is a renown Danish lawyer. Brink, in October 2005, served as one of the judges for Miss Earth 2005 which was hosted in Philippines and crowned Alexandra Braun of Venezuela.

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