Miss Grand Canada 2021 : Info

Olga Bykadorova was elected the new Miss Grand Canada 2021 on 18th June 2021 who will now represent Canada in the upcoming edition of Miss Grand International. The announcement was made on Miss Grand Canada's official social media account. Olga succeeded Miss Grand Canada 2020 Sara Winter for the title.

Miss Grand Canada 2021 Olga Bykadorova’s court included:

First runner-up: Hanna Begovic

Second runner-up: Sophie Church

Third runner-up: Tishina Thompson

Fourth runner-up: Jessica Cianchino

The Top 10 included Sophie Church, Olga Bykadorova, Emilia Puric, Alisha Brown, Aiona Santana, Tishina Thompson, Dominique Doucette, Hanna Begovic, Jessica Bailey, Jessica Victoria Cianchino. The virtual pageant ran for about 2-3 weeks and had a series of categories, and video submissions, virtual closed interviews. The accomplished panel of jury also included Andrew Abraham Alcalde, Chelsae Dorchea, Paola Otiz, David Iza, K, Christi Woolard, Katherine Zieler.

The contestants who competed for Miss Grand Canada 2021 were Aiona Santana, Alisha Brown, Aman Merdha, Caitlyn Goss, Camelia Vokey, Camille Keane, Dominique Doucette, Emilia Puric, Erin Chapman, Hanna Begovic, Jasmine Wu, Jessica Bailey, Jessica Victoria Cianchino, Katie Struthers, Krissy, Neeta Ramcharran, Olga Bykadorova, Rainbow Charoensuk, Shamika Dillon, Sophia Su, Sophie Church, Sukhman Sidhu, Tishina Thompson.