Miss Universe 2020 Top 21 Hot Picks

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Miss Universe Argentina 2020 Alina Luz Akselrad
Miss Universe Argentina 2020 Alina Luz Akselrad

Alina Luz Akselrad was appointed as Miss Universe Argentina 2020 on 14th December 2020 and is representing Argentina at Miss Universe 2020. She succeeded Miss Universe Argentina 2019 Mariana Varela for the title and has emerged as one of the strongest contenders for the title with her confident, strong, and impactful personality.

 The diva is dedicated to helping women build their confidence and considers philanthropy a lifestyle. Alina volunteers in different organizations that fight against child malnutrition and has her own advocacy campaign, “Embrace Your Power,” that aims at improving women's self-confidence from childhood, since she experienced bullying when she was a little girl. She is an advocate for cancer prevention and lends her support to paediatric oncology patients upon watching her own mother beat the disease.

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