Miss Universe 2020 Top 21 Hot Picks

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Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil
Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil

Maria Thattil was crowned Miss Universe Australia 2020 on 28th October 2020 and is representing Australia at Miss Universe 2020. She succeeded Miss Universe Australia 2019 Priya Serrao for the title. She is considered as one of the most powerful and impactful contestants of Miss Universe 2020 as she has an engaging social media presence where she never hesitates from putting her opinion out in public.

Maria is a founder, speaker, corporate professional, digital creator and fierce activist for inclusivity, equality, and empowerment. The beauty queen believes that her upbringing has gifted her with unique experiences and fuels her passion for inclusivity as she is an Australian woman of Indian descent, a daughter of immigrants, and a product of a hybrid culture. She is the founder of her own podcast ‘Mind with Me’ which is a curation of conversations and interviews on a myriad of critical and complex topics.

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