Miss Universe 2020 Top 21 Hot Picks

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Miss Universe Chile 2020 Daniela Nicolas
Miss Universe Chile 2020 Daniela Nicolas

Daniela Nicolas was crowned Miss Universe Chile 2020 on 21st November 2020 and is representing Chile at Miss Universe 2020. She succeeded Miss Universe Chile 2019 Geraldine González for the title. She is one of the most loved delegates at the competition who has managed to impress everyone with her charming personality and confidence and grace.

Daniela is an avid preacher of self-love and acceptance which she does through her social media account. She wants to use the platform given to her to be a voice for women who are made to feel that they don’t belong somewhere. In 2015, her life changed when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called undifferentiated connective tissue disease. After struggling to come to terms with her disease, she gained the strength that she currently uses to support other people, especially children who are diagnosed. Daniela raises awareness for this condition by working as a volunteer in Anacroj.

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