50 Most Influential Beauty Queens of 2019

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Birta Abiba Porhallsdottir Miss Universe Iceland 2019
Birta Abiba Porhallsdottir Miss Universe Iceland 2019

Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir from Iceland represented the country at Miss Universe 2019 who became a fan favourite and was placed in Top 10. Birta learned to love herself and be proud of her racial heritage, and decided to join Miss Universe Iceland 2019, but even then, she had to endure discrimination and was told that the competition is ‘only for Icelandic girls.’ She had to face a lot of bullying for being biracial but the diva overcame all the troubles and shined bright like a diamond during the pageant.

Birta's relaxed manner stood out in a sea of perfectly polished pageant contestants and, many also called attention to her resemblance to Daenerys Targaryen's loyal interpreter Missandei from Game of Thrones. Birta has already written a full-length novel and dreams of being an international author. As a volunteer for the Icelandic Red Cross Study Aid program, Birta tutors’ kids in English and Icelandic language comprehension and mathematics, and helps them prepare for standardized testing. She also teaches them about cultural awareness and diversity, which she advocates for in Icelandic schools. She definitely deserves a top spot in the most influential beauty queens!