50 Most Influential Beauty Queens of 2019

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Madison Anderson Berrios Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019
Madison Anderson Berrios Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019

Madison Sara Anderson Berríos represented Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2019 where she was adjudged the title of 1st runner-up on 8th December 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. A Puerto Rican-American model, she feels immensely proud that she was able to show the beautiful culture, traditions and teachings of her country. Her advocacy of helping victims of domestic abuse garnered her a lot of appreciation and said she wants to help non-profit organizations such as Hogar Ruth in Puerto Rico. She now is a proud owner of an online boutique, ‘Madison Sara Couture’.

During the competition she was asked if social media platforms respect free speech, or regulate what people post to which she answered that she believes that social media can be a positive impact on the people. We can use social media to share knowledge, information however she also believes that sometimes social media can be used to spread negativity to hurt people. So, they should identify people who are spreading negativity and make sure that they are not abusing the platform as well as the people on social media. Madison definitely has had an incredible journey in 2019.