50 Most Influential Beauty Queens of 2019

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Paweensuda Drouin Miss Universe Thailand 2019
Paweensuda Drouin Miss Universe Thailand 2019

Paweensuda Drouin from Thailand made it to Top 5 at Miss Universe 2019 at the conclusion of the pageant. She was born and raised in Montreal and moved to Thailand to work as a model and a DJ. The Thai-Canadian beauty first came to pageant fans' attention when she competed in Miss Thailand 2013, in which she was placed as first runner-up. After undergoing extensive training to improve herself, she returned this year a stronger contender than ever, coming in as the crowd's favourite and front-runner the moment she appeared in the competition.

She used the platform to launch adapted physical education for disabled children. She volunteered in the programme at the University of Calgary, where she graduated with a degree in kinesiology, and intends to see similar programmes being implemented in Thailand. "The reason why I'm here is because I really want to be able to make a difference. I tried that before. I went out and volunteered. I noticed that, nowadays, in order to be a volunteer, you must be able to help financially, which is something I didn't have at the time. And I realised that by being in a beauty pageant, we're able to go out, help other people and inspire them to be the best that they can be”, she explained.