50 Most Influential Beauty Queens of 2019

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Jesica Fitriana Martasari Miss Supranational Indonesia 2019
Jesica Fitriana Martasari Miss Supranational Indonesia 2019

Jesica Fitriana represented Indonesia at Miss Supranational 2019 on 6th December 2019 where she was placed as the 2nd runner-up. Jesica’s placement is marked as a historic one as it is the highest placement for Indonesia in the pageant. She is aware about the situation of women in the world but feels comfortable and confident in her own skin and her intelligence in undeniable. She has a warm and kind attitude that makes her stand out in the group of people.

Jesica is an activist and focused on ADHA, children infected with HIV or AIDS who were passed on by their parents. She has incorporated in a seminar campaign to remove the stigma against people with HIV that can make ADHA become depressed and hamper the healing process. She was a victim of body shaming in her initial days and since then she started to work on herself as well as advocating about body shaming. Jesica Fitriana encourages to those who are currently still under pressure to get up and believe in themselves.