50 Most Influential Beauty Queens of 2019

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Frederika Alexis Cull Puteri Indonesia 2019
Frederika Alexis Cull Puteri Indonesia 2019

Frederika Alexis Cull was crowned Puteri Indonesia 2019 on 8th March 2019 and went on to represent Indonesia at Miss Universe 2019 and became the first Indonesian delegate to be placed at Top 10. She performed with confidence and was applauded for her eloquence and elegance. Frederika was the only Miss Universe finalist from outside the USA who was invited to the Sherri Hill fashion show in New York. Frederika’s intelligence and compassion, no doubt, also helped her into the top 10 women of Miss Universe’s choice.

As for her advocacy, Frederika also has stated, “There are so many people in this world who are left voiceless to the fact that they don’t have a birth certificate – a basic human right. My charity Voice for the Voiceless is working hard to ensure that all Indonesians have that right. I aspire to be a woman who not only stands for herself but also stands for those who cannot stand on their own.”